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This process has taken more than 16 years and continues today.There are many reviews of these types of methods of evaluating FRP, including most recently Swerea Kimab.The AMO/SPO representative requesting the NDT is responsible for ensuring Parts A and B of the NDT Task Request Form (example at annex B) are completed accurately. A Level 2 or Level 3 NDT Technician shall propose the General NDT Procedure for the test being considered and record the details in Part C of the NDT Task Request Form. The AMO/SPO Representative shall determine if the proposed General NDT Procedure method and limitations are acceptable for the test area by completing Part D of the NDT Task Request Form. On completion of the task the NDT Technician shall complete Part E of the NDT Task Request Form. The NDT Task Request Form is to be retained with the aircraft/component serviceability documentation and a copy is to be filed within the NDT section. in order to demonstrate that our measurement methods are capable of identifying variances inherent to production methods.

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The Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument is specially designed and validated to perform this very sensitive test.Destructive testing is performed under the most severe operating conditions and it is continued until the application breaks.The main purpose of destructive testing is not only to determine the design weaknesses if any which may not show up under normal working conditions but also to determine the service life of the product.Gauge R&R methods have been on the engineering scene for decades, the method’s structure, objectives, and faults are well understood.Veri Pac Leak Testers provide non-destructive leak testing of pouches and flexible packaging.Veri Pac leak testers offer a practical alternative to destructive testing methods such as water bath and dye testing because it eliminates the waste and cost associated with these methods and offers quantitative data that means something.


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