Updating jchart

When rendering the chart directly into your HTML template, all the data needed for the chart is transmitted on the page's HTTP request.

It is also possible to load the chart (and its required data) asynchronous.

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Keep in mind that you are in no way obligated to use these methods, you could also supply Python dictionaries in the place of these method calls. JFree Chart includes an event-notification mechanism that ensures that charts are updated whenever the dataset is updated.However, the chart is completely repainted for each update, which limits the "frames per second" rate that you can achieve with JFree Chart. Advice to Management Listen to your property level employees and invest in your long term employees and make your company a true family company don't just talk about it. Company has some serious issues and it starts at the corporate level.Pros Your supervisor cares about you Ongoing development is encouraged The company president meets with you once a year in your review Associates' opinions matter Pay is more than fair Extra effort is appreciated and recognized Coworkers are genuinely caring people Pros Owner is very involved from everything to interviews to performance reviews. Cons- Corporate does not listen to employee problems- Very little advancement- Look for "scape goats" to unfairly blame for property failures- Treat residents questionably- Salary is low once "free" apartment is not part of compensation package- Corporate management is extremely unprofessional.


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