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Speculation swirled that Pattinson, 27, was dating Elvis Presley's granddaughter after a woman thought to resemble Keough was photographed with the "Twilight" star in his pick-up truck over the weekend.

But Keough's rep shot down the romance rumors, adding that the 24-year-old was not photographed the day the snapshot was taken -- meaning she's not the "mystery woman" spotted in Pattinson's car. "And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend." Keough, the daughter of Lisa Mare Presley, has had roles in "Magic Mike" and "The Runaways" (which also starred Pattinson's ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart).

Many thought the mystery red head in the passenger seat could have actually been Kristen Stewart, the two likenesses were so similar, but that seems unlikely now since Kristen just landed in Paris looking not exactly like a chick who spent the weekend reconciling with her ex. Then she was briefly (reportedly) attached to Jennifer Lawrence’s ex, Nicholas Hoult, after he broke up with his Oscar-winning beau.

Riley just always seems to find herself in the right place at the right time when young Hollywood actors are on the rebound.

Actress Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's granddaughter, is engaged to boyfriend Ben Smith-Petersen.

Her stuntman beau announced the news via Facebook on Thursday, Aug. PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings 2014 "So that happened," Smith-Petersen captioned a picture of the two snuggling.

Keough never knew the King of Rock n’ Roll, she was born 12 years after Elvis’s 1977 death.3.

Despite splitting up and moving on with other partners, Ryan and Riley have always held a torch for one another.” Riley and Alex Pettyfer’s relationship was initiated by Magic Mike, where the two met one another, began dating in September of 2011, and got engaged later in the year.

The two started dating in 2006 and, after a lengthy hiatus, the 30 year-old musician started whispering sweet nothings back into Riley's 23 year-old ears just after she split with her fiancé!!

One source reports: “Ryan and Riley have been dating under the radar for a few months.

Keough has said that despite her family legacy she has no musical aspirations.5.

Riley co-starred with Pattinson ex Kristen Stewart in “The Runaways.” She played Cherie Currie’s (Dakota Fanning) sister in the indie flick.6.


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