Outlook tracking status not updating

If the report was not broken, you should now see the special report icon on your sent item. Seriously, I had know idea how formatting affected my question so seriously, so I again, apologize. I am an old-school DOS-taught secretary who is only asking for some advice. If you have an answer for my query it would be seriously appreciated. Outlook will only track replies to your default (personal) calendar, so if you are using a shared event booking calendar it will not track them (although you should still receive an email when someone accepts/declines the event.As a meeting organizer, you can find out which attendees have accepted or declined your meeting request.

Message tracking via the Internet is a bit tricky as there are quite a few points at which it could get broken.This person can decline the task, accept the task, or assign the task to someone else. If the recipient accepts the task, that person becomes its permanent owner.If that person later assigns the task to someone else, the new assignee becomes the owner.The patch mentioned above makes some slight changes to how the sequence number is set.The patch requires the Black Berry Enterprise Server to provide a sequence number.For example, you might want status reports and updates on the progress of the task.


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