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Many women desire to date rich men and have them fall in love with them but do not know where to find them. The first and foremost place to meet rich men single is a befitting location.

Following is a list of places you can locate or meet rich men. There are some good places where you can find and date rich men.

Some even shaded girls by saying they once said the grass was greener on the other side.

Check out some of the reactions the first tweet generated: The lady was able to post the tweet as a result of the incessant killings in South Africa.

Or marrying a rich man who would be your one and only shining armor?

Somewhere in Africa, some people are hating on Kenyan women.gathered that the young lady was terrified beyond words when a South African man said hello to her while chatting.Dr Atinuke who confessed to be scared of replying the message explained what men from the two countries are capable of doing and decided to make her choice based on this.So lets see how much shade they are throwing on us.But something tells me that this is a case of bad representation by a few Kenyan women.1.For instance, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City are places you can easily meet the affluent classes of rich men because of the wealthy job market.


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