George lopez dating show

George Lopez overacts somewhat, but it is in character, and Angie Lopez (played by Constance Marie) is the perfect serious foil for George's over-the-top-ness, as are George's kids, Max and Carmen, his mother Benny and his friend Eddie.

So many comedies based on the "name brand" aspect of successful comedian end up being ego trips with the "star" so greatly overshadowing the rest of the cast that it's like they aren't even there.

A laugh is a laugh is a laugh, especially since we're talking about a 1/2 hour family sitcom, not a documentary.

I know zip about Latino culture (my Spanish is limited to "yo no hablo español") but this is only of my favourite shows on TV right now.

Hollyweird isn’t a place, but a machine driven by lust, greed, and narcissism.

I won't necessarily say it wasn't racist, either, because one could definitely question the reasons certain parents have for not wanting their kids to marry black people. I'll admit I'm not going to get too charged up about George Lopez saying Latino parents have those preferences.If you haven't already seen the George Lopez video circulating the internet, you should probably watch it ASAP.It's Wednesday morning's top trending topic on Twitter for a concerning reason.this time it's George Lopez who says the fight is so lopsided, Mc Gregor won't land a single punch.… READ MORE How does George Lopez feel about Tiger Woods reportedly hitting the links with Donald Trump on Friday? The comedians decided to get permanent tributes to their late friend, Charlie Murphy, Thursday night -- rolling into Fun City… Hughley, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, Donnell…George Lopez and a woman who attended his stand-up show had a bit of a standoff in the middle of his routine when she apparently disagreed with the sentiment of one of his jokes at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.


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