Dating while separated in the military

Wade and other military couples said the "young marriage complex" has existed for years when star-crossed lovers eloped just before deployments.

There are certain regulations pertaining to dating in the military.

Example 1 Shaun is a Veteran who ended his active service on September 30, 2013, with a hearing disability.

He filed a claim for his hearing problem more than a year later. On March 10, 2015, we awarded Shaun a 30% disability rating with an effective date of November 15, 2014—the date we got the claim.

If you’re wondering how divorce will impact your retirement benefits, here’s what you need to know. In Virginia, retirement benefits are considered a part of the marital estate and are subject to equitable division in a divorce.

Equitable does not necessarily mean “equal,” but a fair division taking many factors into consideration.


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