Dating ideas for college students

Are you troubled about how to make an exclusive first date that will amaze your girlfriend?

Make your own kite (you can find books at the library) or buy a cheap one from the discount store.

– Rediscover the fun of a school playground and have a picnic.

Or better yet, go to the confectionary store, buy your favourite childhood candy, and head to the playground.

Go to Find Local to find a bar or pub hosting trivia near you. “I was so used to the usual coffee date that I took him up on it right away — and we had a blast! Seeing a local comedy show is the perfect opportunity to see just how compatible you and your date are — and it’s a great way to break the ice!

” Check out this site to find a climbing gym in your area. Kristie says, “Nothing is a better indicator of whether a guy is for me than if we have the same sense of humor, and sometimes you just can’t figure that out over dinner.” 9. If there’s a touristy place in your town that neither of you has been to before, play tourists for the day and go check it out.


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