Dating gun cartridges

A few years later during my gap year I applied for a shotgun certificate and bought my first gun.Ronnie was always very good to me and introduced me to various small local shoots.Please call us at 800-543-1908 to place your order.A proven reputation for durability and reliability.And although he did not design Browning's famous BPS shotgun, his fingerprints are clearly all over it.READ MORE ABOUT THE HISTORY OF BROWNING AND THE BPS.

However with no shooting club at university I left my guns at home and made up for it by shooting as much as possible during my holidays.In his lifetime John Moses Browning designed a number of pump action shotguns.His designs and patents still influence pump action design well more than a century later.While other, newer cartridges have blasted onto the hunting scene with great fanfare only to trickle into obscurity within a few years, the .270, if anything, has become even more steadfastly popular.We at Outdoor Life take special pride in the ongoing success of the .270 because it was on these pages, through the romantic phrases and sound advice of Jack O'Connor, that the .270 became a hunting icon.RIO Ammo has just published their Product Sheets for all their products where you can find out this information, and more, for all of its products.


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