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The surgeon at Mass General who fixed up this PFO (a patent foramen ovale—I love to say it) was a Mexican-born character actor in beads and clogs, and a fervent admirer of Derek Jeter.

It's not real," Godwin's son told CNN affiliate WOIO.Ryan Godwin, who said he's a grandson of Godwin's, had asked people to stop sharing it."Please please please stop retweeting that video and report anyone who has posted it!I forgive you, and love you but most importantly, God love you. A chat, then a shot In the video, apparently recorded by the suspect, Steve Stephens, a person is getting out of a car in a residential area and says, "Here's somebody I'm about to kill. An old dude." The person walks up, stops Godwin on the sidewalk and talks to him. Police don't believe Godwin and Stephens knew each other.Then the video shows a gun pointed at Godwin's head. The video was later removed by Facebook, but it was still being widely shared online early Monday.In order to write an article such as this that is intended to reach the parents of potential victims, I have to be general in my assumptions and sweeping in my aim.


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